My story

Who is the artist?

That would be me! I am Ayala Wibrich Kooistra. When I was a little girl, I was always painting, drawing, dancing and singing and trying to find different ways to express myself. I always felt I was an artist and I wanted to show this to the whole world, but I was too frightened.

It was time

There have been several times where I could have embraced my creativity, but I was too scared to take the real step. Instead of going to the Academy of Arts I chose to get educated in the laboratory-field because there was a higher chance of getting a job. I didn’t sing in a band because I thought I couldn’t sing. And I didn’t touch my brushes and paint for almost two decades. Until a few years ago. It was time. The laboratory wasn’t my place anymore.


So I started to search for something else. Actually I was searching for myself. Quite fast I found one piece of me that I had forgotten and that was my passion of expressing myself through my paintings. Once I could taste this passion and the joy painting gives me, I decided to quit my job at the laboratory. That was the beginning of a great journey that has helped me to grow my awareness.

I got the chance to let go of what I didn’t need anymore. While my awareness is still growing, I felt that the paintings I created, were not for me anymore. They are for you.  It was my cue to go out:

My paintings and talent are ready to meet the world!


While I am painting, I connect with Source. I connect my channel through Source with ‘the Chosen One.’ Sometimes there is a specific shape that I have to create, sometimes I just follow the guidance through my hands. I always exactly know when the painting is ready. Sometimes it takes me a day and sometimes it takes weeks, even months.

By sharing my story and my art, I want to be an example for everybody to follow their dreams and inspire you to choose. I like to remind you you’ll always have another chance to follow your dreams, your heart and your true self.


If you want to contact me, please send me a message to
Or you can give me a call: 0640088402