Ayala’s Art

I love to show you my paintings: Unique works of art made from a deep desire within. Every painting is exactly right. Every painting has only one receiver; the Chosen One. All that is needed for the Chosen One will show itself in the painting. Take a look at the paintings below and see which one speaks to you. Which one invites you to welcome it into your surroundings. Which painting chooses you to be the Chosen One?

Infinite Woman
“She rises, She falls
She burns, She dives
From the healing earth
To the highest sky
Yes, you rembember me
Like the smell of a rose
Yes, I am here
Like I have never been before

Yes, there is no way to go around

I am
Size: 60 by 80 cm
Fifth Dimension
Size: 60 by 80 cm
The Wave
“Open and full of life
She washes your tears away
Connecting you to the earth

Open and full of life
The flower will spread its seeds

To anyone who feels the need”
Size: 50 by 60 cm
Size: 40 by 50 cm
Creative Force
“From deep within it burns
From deep within it calls
Let the water flow
Let the water heal
And allow the tenderness to be felt”

Size: 50 by 60 cm
The Source
“The one from which it all comes
The one from which it all flows
The one that you can always see
Like the sun in the sky
The one that you can always hear
Like a wave in the ocean
The one that you can always feel
Like your heart pounding for love”

Size: 60 by 80 cm
To Be
Size: 50 by 60 cm
Size: 50 by 40 cm
Pink feather
Size: 70 by 50 cm
The Roots
“From in between
The seeds of life
Growing to the surface
From in between
The power of existence
Flowing through the core
The way always starts here
In the tenderness of your being”

Size: 60 by 80 cm
The Universe
Size: 60 by 80 cm
“Bursts into softness
Expanding life
Space and clarity appear
Like the sun after the rain

Size: 50 by 60 cm
Letting Go
Size: 50 by 60 cm
For one we are here
For two we do fear
Abundance or lack
Unity always brings you back

Size: 60 by 80 cm
The Rainbowwarrior
By the flame of I am
The rainbowwarrior arises
She shows you all there is
All the colors are being seen
Like a rainbow in the sky”

Size: 70 by 100 cm
Size: 80 by 60 cm
Size: 70 by 100 cm

If one of the paintings speaks to you please send me an e-mail to ayala@droomdoener.nl. We will make an appointment, become acquainted and talk about the next step.

If you don’t feel like any of these paintings belong to you, but you do like the way I work, I can also make a painting especially channeled with you in mind and heart. Price and size are in consultation. Please send an e-mail to ayala@droomdoener.nl so we can schedule an appointment.